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Welcome to my Website, I'm a Happy Artist

Generaly speaking and more than ever.


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Autophi is a pet code project that you can change and use to make parallel scripting to process computations faster.

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I call my inventions "buy invent" for a catch-phrase word that means everything to me.


I am not able to use the name cri one aka chris brown due to others' issues but I make great music.

Colorburst Blanks

The name is use to call my resin and wood work is colorbust blanks.

I'm an artist

But I have my own way with words and here is a good essay on AI and the Kniving use of the word.

I'm also an inventor

Look through my store and have a purchase thought on my Patented Intellectual Property


Autophi is a C+ Windows Application

The following content has been made with the Autophi Attach Program. the specific attached program was Adobe After Effects and the mode was software mercury only on a 4 processor server and a Nvidia M2000 and Paralled by Autophi in Visual Studio 2022. to automatically associate cores and programming at a maximum.

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What is Accellerated Massive Parallelism?


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Autophi is a program that accelerates your system by attaching it to a programable executable that makes many core processing easier.