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Cri-one Aka Chris Brown

Music is a Quandary to me. I think it will always be a mission to make the best most moving music I can and all at the same time make people dance or move… it’s more than just a solid pounding 4×4 beat slug that makes people just bounce up and down. this is about movement and accents in the dance… the things we all want is what I plan on making so listen up and hear me out.

Second thing I call myself is a musician but the first thing I usually say is I’m an Artist.  That’s only cause calling yourself anything in a polite way isn’t always that simple. The kind of art I make is varied, digital portraits and abstract paintings and other things are open to changes. The way that computers are expressive is a large interest in my artwork and also in my music. 

The big picture of any thing is what a great artist holds dear.  The entire sound the look and shape of humility and the justification of any such humorous or comical attitude in creation is well undertaken. To say I am serious is the real intention of any of my artwork and music.  The level of any humor and serious situation are both paramount.

to continue where I left off would be to say that all of my music is intentionally 135 BPM only. if you find that a song is not 135 you have a counterfeit cri-one track. it’s just as simple as that. if you need the real track you should measure the beats per minute and double check that the song is not edited and stretched. sounds paranoid, but it’s true. this is an example of one of my songs without a reverb ending. thanks for listening

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