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Table Show by Christopher g Brown

A simple gathering of my artwork that I have made on my lathe with guidance from my Dad Ron Brown of Ron Brown’s Best and with support from my Mom Janice Brown as curator and organizer extraordinaire. thanks for looking and please note that the items are up for auction.

This artwork is a family appreciation and to explain that is very difficult.  My mother will give away pens made from my work in alumilite resin and burl cap. The resin alumilite is a near precious urethane resin that is expensive and extremely reactive.  The burl cap I use is Australian and has definite texture and grain variations. The best thing that I like to turn are bowls and pens.  Urns are not usually done out of the work I have made before.  But the subject of urn’s are new to me.

I now have 5 gallon tank from my Dad.  My dad is the best woodturner in the “World!” simply cause he’s my dad. And I have it as a token from a bird that it’s true.  The guidance and delivery of any critique and assistance and absolute judgement is that, The best ever.  I am grateful to have him and her as parents in woodturning.

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