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Cri-One Aka Chris Brown

Cri-One Music

Loud is the reference of hat to bass to mid range sensability. This is how I like things and this is my own music. From minimal to rave and breaks to trance.

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Art Auctions

Around the house we make things off of the lathe, the lathe is a tool that I try to make objects of decoration. in this time period we don't actually need that much so the things we make can be different than the past. art has changed and time changes.

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Autophi software project

What it is may be so simple that it's not every going to change... the source code in this project is pure, programming in c++ and realted to the progress in open and for profit managabilty in the key word Interoperablity.

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Autophi Hardware

in anyway you like that is the translation of FPGA and then there's just one other thing to do is make it tick. open our programing and applications for the sake of any open operablity you desire.

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My patents and copyrights are specifically owned and controlled by percents in 10,000. so when you order you are buying 1,000's out of 10,000's. the percentages are related to working content and IP ownership in securities and investments.

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